Our Craft Beers

We Brew In The British Tradition.

Pale Ale – a simple ale made with light barley, often modeled after Bass Ale or similar styles, these are good before meals.  We sometimes up the alcohol to 6 %.

Bitter – another light and simple ale, often modelled after Fullers ESB /London Pride.  Also nice for the first craft beer of the session as it is light and low alcohol.

Brown Ale – “What can we say”…began this relationship with Newcastle in the seventies.  Our brown is made in the nothern England Brown tradition.  Nice and easy to drink 2-3.

Porter – our current favorite as it is good before, during or after meals.  Our Porter is our own recipe and always comes in at 4.8 – 5 % alcohol with moderate mouth feel.  We love it.

Stout – we also use our own recipe for this one.  It is more of a cream stout in style and occasionally we add lactose to officially call it a milk stout.  This brew has a long storage life and sometimes Vee uses it in cooking hearty beef dishes.  Splendid !

Scotch Ale – ours is made only with batch ingredients from Scotland including the ale yeast.  This brew is bottle conditioned 5-6 months at celler temps and has wonderful color, head, 6.2 % alcohol, and a light smokey (peated barley) aroma after the last sip.

American Amber – our chance to make a Big Beer.  More hops, alcohol and carbonation than normal. The Dec 2010 batch was callled BIG RED in honor of Nick and Chelsea having their Grad Degrees from Cornell.

Holiday Ale –  Made with plenty of spirit and joy in Oct for the Dec Rush.  Ours has brown sugar to impart a moderate butterscotch / nutty flavor.  Also made with Honey to give the ale yeast a treat of complex carbohydrate and Orange Zest for aroma at the start and end.  Oh- enjoy in the evening when you don’t drive as it has 6-2 to 6.5 % alcohol after celler conditioning.  We love giving this one away.

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