Places to visit when Pub Crawling


ARBOR BREWING COMPANY, Ann Arbor, MI- very nice selection of beer and very nice people. Roger pours beer at monthly ABC Beer Tastings.

GRIZZLY PEAK, Ann Arbor, MI- good beer and food. Sometimes a bit busy to really hunker down with a Brew or two. The DEN in the annex is better.

BELL’S BREWERY- Kalamazoo, MI- located in the city where our children were born. They grew up as Bell’s evolved. Larry Bell was OK with Roger using Yeast isolated back from Double Stout. Their dark beers are the best of the lot. Grandpa Papere had a chewey beer here in 95.

FRONT STREET BREWING, Wilmington, NC- the place full of memories with Papere and now with Grandma B. Nice beer selection and wonderful food for a Brew Pub. Three generations of the B’s drank here together one summer.

BRIDGEPORT BREWING, Portland, OR- first brew pub in Portland and first place Vee and Roger went with Claire. Nice beers and atmosphere. Only eat here if you are very hungry.

DETROIT BREWING Co., Detroit, MI-downtown near the people mover.  Very nice place with a good variety of beer and above average pub grub.  We went with some friends and took in the RW hockey game, even travelling on the Brew Pub Bus.  Oh-yeah!

CHAPTER HOUSE, Ithaca, NY- full of Cornell grad students. Many beers to choose from, large old oak tables. Never had the courage to eat here, but beer with Nick was always very good. Fuller’s for the Da.

HOP CAT, Grand Rapids, MI- nice beer selection and impressive tap section at bar. Tetley’s on tap made up for the marginal food.

WIDMER BROTHERS, Portland, OR- wonderful Brew Haus Restaurant. The beer was fresh and we had a nice visit with Cee, Vee, Dan (assoc brewer) and Caitlin, Mike, & Roger (DD).

GORDON BIERSCH, San Francisco, CA- Very nice beer selection and terrific food. Part of a nice trip to SF for Vee and Roger. Right under the Bay Bridge.

THE PIKE, seattle, WA made it here in August with Tom and Claire.  Kilt-lifter was up-lifting.

ROGUE, Portland, OR.  Fine beer and food and very friendly staff.  CDB, Vee and Roger Aug 2011

SCHAFLEYS BREWING, St. Louis, MS- part of a very nice weekend with good friends Janine and Chris.  The Pale ale was very nice and the chit-chat was better.

HEDGE HOUSE, Portland, OR- want to have a beer in a home, on the front porch or in the yard?- go to HH. Very nice atmosphere and $ 3 pints (2009).

FOUNDER’S BREWERY, Grand Rapids, MI- very nice beer selection, cool building but rough male dominated crowd. Ladies go with a friend. Founder’s dirty bastard was very smooth considering the funny name.


NIMBUS BREWING CO.,Tucson, AZ- very nice beer selection and atmosphere. Sit on the large deck and watch the trains go by with the Mtns in the distance. Water used is from 400 feet below the desert floor.

BJ BITTING BREWING, Woodbridge, NJ- been her a number of times (RB). Plenty of cheap craft beers and Sliders to fill your belly. Nice group of regulars at the bar admiring the scenery as all men do.

ST. STAN’S, Modesto, CA- one of the first MB in CA. Very nice beer and good food in this SportBar / Brew Pub. Tough neighborhood.

CROXLEY BREW HOUSE, Long Island, NY- also had Blue Point Brewing beers. The home of 10 cent wings and Long Island accents. Nice people.

LUCKY BALDWINS, Pasedena, CA- Roger has been to both locations. Expensive but great beer and of course Bangers & Mash. Nice place to unwind.

FOUR PEAKS BREWING, Tempe, AZ- smack in the middle of ASU campus and full of atmosphere. Nice choice of beers made in the tanks just at the back of the bar. Food was fine after 2-3 pints.

YARD HOUSE, Pasedena, CA- a trendy place for the youngsters. Beer selection includes many taps from the West. Nice to have had Deshuttes Porter at this Yard House. Cheap food before 7. A few suits show up-too bad.

PAPAGO BREWING, Scottsdale, AZ- a bit eclectic. Beer was just fine and found a Red Sox fan here. Yep they lost the game (spring 2011). Nice pizza after three different beers.

38 DEGREES BREWING, Alhanbra, CA- high end brew pub near LA. Nice beer and food. The weather is always nice at the 38 parallel.

MAIN STREET, Montpelier, VT- plenty of great New England beers and wonderful food from the Culinary School. The cold air felt good at 10 pm.

UNCLE BUCKS, No. FORT WORTH, TX- had a few at this place inside Embassy Suites with Uncle Paul. Way better than Shiner’s and Lone Star in the rest of Texas. Texas only does steak well.

DOWNEY BREWING Co., Downey, CA- a brew pub with a Mexican atmosphere. Unique- beer was good but the place was loud. Home of the Downey Boot and bikers.

INDIAN RIVER BEVERAGE, Melbourne, FL- an upstart brewery with limited times to taste beer. Not bad on a hot day after the beach. Pretty rough atmosphere but nice people working there.

TRIUMPH BREWING, Princeton, NJ- very nice atmosphere and decent beer. Food was good- bring your cash. Princeton Univ. is lovely to walk around.

MONTANA BREWING Co., Billings, MT- very nice atmosphere, people and great food. Having Vee on this trip was a plus in many ways 🙂

T PHILLIP’S ALE HOUSE, La Verne, CA- very nice atmosphere, with Tetley’s on Tap, plus great food. Plenty of Beer Taps to try. A bit of history on the walls.

BLACK FORREST BREWING, Melville, NY- Went twice in the same week. Brew was OK and food was very good. A lot of old-timers at the bar at night. Family safe at lunch.

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