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Empty Nest Porter is our favorite and deserves to be used firstly in our “RECIPES”. The recipe is a modification of the FLAG Porter Clone that appears in “Clone Brews” by T and M Szamatulski C 1998.

8 oz Choc 225 grain (lighter for moderate mouthfeel)
8 oz Choc 350 grain (darker for robustness)
Steep for 40 minutes at 155 F with two rinses
Add to large Brew Pot, add more HOT water to 2.5 gallons,bring to boil
add 6 lbs of liquid Malt Extract (we usually add light)
8 oz of Dry Malt Extract (we usually add Dark)
HOPS- 1.5 oz of EAST KENT …OR Willamette …OR Fuggle
35 minute boil then add 0.5 oz of HOPS for final 10 minutes
Irish Moss is added last 5 minutes, stir pot rigorously just before cold shock
Cold shock into sink full of water, ice and/or snow for 30 minutes
WORT is still warm, transfer to plastic bucket for primary
add 2.5 gallons of cold (previously boiled) water, wort is now 75- 80 F
PITCH LIQIUD YEAST (we normally add 500 ml of actively growing ale yeast)

Allow for 7 day Primary and then transfer to Glass for Secondary (7 more days)…Bottle and Enjoy ! We Do….hee…hee ! THIS BEER IS LOW CARBONATION AND LOW ALCOHOL (5%) ON PURPOSE.

SCOTCH ALE (Silver Medal Winner 2011)
A blend of ideas from Dana DeJohn and Roger B. Most ingredients were from Scotland or England.
6 oz Scotch Promise Ale
3 oz 60 degree English Crystal
5 oz chocolate malt
STEEP for 15 minutes then add 0.8 oz Scottish Peat Smoked Malt
STEEP another 5 minutes and add 12 oz Dark powder (DME) and 6 lbs liquid malt extract. At Boil – add 1.0 oz of Fuggle and 1 oz of Willamette Hops for 45 minutes. Irish Moss at end and quick cool in colarimeter (ice bath).

Scottish Ale Yeast was used. SG was 1.066, Primary for 7 days with transfer to Secondary in Glass for 7 days. All bottles held at 65 degrees for up to ~ 12 months. Graqvity at end of secondary was 1.02. Beautiful color and light peat aromoa after the pint is finished at 12 weeks of conditioning. At 6 months – the reply from the “crew” was NICE. About 6.25 % Alcohol after full conditioning.

ENGLISH PALE ALE (Silver Medal winner 2011)
A blend of Pale Ale recipes and a small amount of HONEY for the Yeast and Brown sugar for the alcohol.

10 oz Vienna Malt
2 oz Cascade Malt
STEEP for 30 minutes

6 lbs Amber Liquid DME
0.6 OZ dry DME
12 oz light brown sugar
4 oz Honey
1 oz Cascade Hops and 1.25 Hallertau Hops for last 20 minutes of 40 minute boil. British Ale Yeast after nice starter and was very active for bubbling rate (> 80 / min).

SG at start was 1.055 and at end of secondary was 1.015.
Conditioned up to 7 months. Alcohol was apparent after 5 weeks. At 10 weeks- a “crowd” favorite. Hint of butterscotch that disappeared at > 6 months.

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